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An experienced partner whocan help assess the damage, verify the impact of the attack, recover data and restore the status quo is a valuable resource for any organization. We offer framework agreements for incident response and digital forensics services.

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When a security breach actually happens, dealing with paperwork, contracts, GDPR regulations, non-disclosure agreements and more – delays taking action. Meanwhile, you need to respond efficiently to minimize losses. By signing a framework agreement with us, you’ll avoid delays in action when time is of the essence.

What do you gain?

  • access to a narrow class of experts whenever you need it
  • confirmation of your report within 1 hour of its submission
  • the ability to report incidents continuously (24/7)
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Incident response
- step by step

We always select actions according to the type of security breach and they are closely related to the situation. Among them can be: post-breach and post-incident analysis, security, data recovery, data decryption, identification of people based on network information, specialized expertise and opinions, analysis of mobile devices for malware, and many, many more. After the activities are completed, we perform network audits at the client's request; provide consulting and training services - working with the client on what to do to minimize the impact of similar incidents in the future.

Confirmation of request acceptance

Investigation of problems

Professional technical consultation

Offer and confirmation of order completion

Security measures, analysis, and expert verification

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The number of expert opinions performed in our laboratory, one of the largest in Poland, has exceeded 10,000.

Over the years in the industry, we have designed
more than 30 digital forensics laboratories.

We have completed projects for the private sector and major state institutions.

We work with leading producers of digital forensics solutions.

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