Laboratory design
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Do you frequently perform forensic analysis? Are you responsible for securing digital data? A laboratory equipped with digital forensics tools allow you to secure data so that it can be used by the courts as admissible evidence.

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How to start? Building an digital forensics laboratory in the basic version should be considered by forensic experts and institutions wishing to conduct their own independent investigative analysis. The extended version is enhanced with additional analysis software. It’s a suggested solution for organizations that plan to operate or are already operating with an incident management policy and have a team dedicated to digital forensics.

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Building laboratories
- step by step

We carry out projects from start to finish. We take a close look at your needs, the types of investigations to be conducted, the materials to be recovered and analyzed. We take into account the ergonomics of the work, the sequence of the performed tasks, even the shape of the available rooms is important. We choose the right technology, hardware, software, but also room equipment such as tables and lighting. All this to make the work efficient.

Identifying your needs




digital forensics
labs we can
build for you

Data recovery lab

An in-house data recovery lab reduces the costs associated with outsourcing such services and increases the level of data security. We offer custom designs, taking into account the actual needs of a given organization.

Mobile forensics lab

Mobile devices are a compendium of user knowledge. A source of guidance and evidence. With a laboratory equipped with specialized hardware and software for mobile device analysis, we gain access to a wealth of valuable information.

digital forensics laboratory - specialized

It is a comprehensive center for forensic analysis and data recovery expanded to include a mobile device analysis section. In addition, an advanced form of data analysis is possible.

digital forensics lab - tailor-made

Every organization has its own needs. To meet them, we will design and build an digital forensics laboratory tailored to the requirements and conditions of your work, and our team - one of the most experienced in this field in Poland - is here to help.

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The number of expert opinions performed in our laboratory, one of the largest in Poland, has exceeded 10,000.

Over the years in the industry, we have designed
more than 30 digital forensics laboratories.

We have completed projects for the private sector and major state institutions.

We work with leading producers of digital forensics solutions.