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Take advantage of digital forensics services and the knowledge of experienced experts.
We will perform for you the security, recovery, and analysis of digital data
from various media for internal investigations or court cases.

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Cases in which we can help you

Verification of the validity of suspected employee disloyalty
Post-breach and post-incident analysis
Analyses related to security policy violations
Securing data for court proceedings
Lawful monitoring of employees with respect for their privacy
Data analysis

digital forensics
- step by step

We will prepare an expert report for you in accordance with the best practices of igital forensics and procedures for presenting the results of the investigation to the court. Once we have identified the problem, we will secure the data from the media at your office or at the digital forensics laboratory. Depending on your needs, we will recover or retrieve the information needed to solve the case and then analyze it in detail. After expert analysis, we will return the media and/or archive them or irreversibly delete the data.






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We have one of the longest
operating digital
forensics laboratories
in Poland.

We have prepared more
than 10,000 expert opinions.

Our team
consists of qualified
specialists with many years
of experience.

We conduct cases for
the largest institutions
and law enforcement
units in Poland.

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