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We have been providing computer forensics services for 18 years, which makes us the most experienced company in this field on the Polish market.

digital forensics services

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis after breaches and incidents in your organization, as well as analyses related to security policy violations. We will secure data for legal proceedings, as well as verify the validity of suspected employee disloyalty.... get more

Building digital forensics laboratories

We will design and equip your laboratory. This will allow you to carry out the entire investigation process in-house and reduce the time and costs associated with outsourcing such services.... get more

Incident response services

Are you prepared for an attack? How quickly will you take action if your organization is the target of an attack? Proper procedures, contracts, access - getting the paperwork right when outsourcing such sensitive services - take time. That's why we offer framework agreements for incident response and digital forensics services. When an attack occurs - we focus solely on what is important - countermeasures. get more

About us

We are a Digital Forensics Leader with 18 years of experience. Implementing digital forensics projects, we provide clients with knowledge and the latest tools to support case resolution.

We cooperate with the largest producers of modern digital forensics technologies. We are constantly improving our own competence to stay up to date of the latest trends, to be able to share this knowledge with our clients and respond to their needs in the best possible way.
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