As a professional institution, we offer comprehensive support in computer forensics.

Starting from protection, through data analysis data recovery, preparation of expertise, equipping institutions with specialized products, inter alia, to detect or set eavesdropping, building movable or stationary computer forensic laboratories, ending with participation in court hearings.

What set us apart from other companies?

all over the world

More than 13 years of experience

Cooperation with governmental
polish institutions

Making our own products for duplicating, surveillance & erasing

More than 8500 experts’ opinions

Building more than 25 specialized laboratories

The biggest & state of the art computer forensic & data recovery laboratory

Our solutions



If you need a solution that helps you to make binary copies of media storage in a fast and safe way, MEDIAIMAGER is suitable for you.



If you need compact and scalable system for tactical rouge BTS (IMSI Catcher’s) detection for GSM, UTMS and LTE networks, you can be interested in knowing MediaID.



If you are looking for a device that let you to make fast, safe and complete data erasure of magnetic media, read more about DEGAUSSER MEDIAERASER.

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