MediaID System

Media Interception Detector

MediaID is a compact and scalable, fully SDR based, hardware and software platform for tactical rouge BTS (IMSI Catcher’s) detection for GSM, UTMS and LTE networks. MediaID is specially designed device with capabilities of detection potential tactical GSM, UMTS, LTE interception systems, IMSI catchers, unwanted phone manipulations, jammers and fake 2G/3G/4G networks existence. The contrivance works in completely passive mode (no RF transmission during operation).

An example of detection false BTS station using one MediaID

An example of detection false BTS station using one MediaID

Passive listening and analysis of all BTS stations within the MediaID system range. Acquiring data from the BCCH channel in order to monitoring all anomalies and changes in the structure of a mobile phone network.

Main features

  • GSM900 & GSM900E scanning & monitoring
  • DCS1800/1900 scanning & monitoring
  • UMTS850/900 scanning & monitoring
  • UMTS2100 scanning & monitoring
  • LTE2100 scanning & monitoring (band 1)
  • LTE1800 PLUS scanning & monitoring (band 3)
  • LTE2600 scanning & monitoring (band 7)
  • LTE800 scanning & monitoring (band 20)
  • GPS position recording
  • Internal Access Point for remote management
  • Cell map presentation (only when connected to the internet)
  • Battery backup power (main unit up to 48 hours, management notebook up to 20 hours – extendable)
  • Encryption level detection for 2G cells (manual cell selection)
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE online RF manipulations detection and alarm generation
  • Data import and export from the system

Possible configurations

Samsonite cabin suitcase

55 x 40 x 20 cm

suitcase samsonite MediaID

Small Peli suitcase

52 x 43 x 22 cm

peli suitcase MediaID

Stationary version

33 x 28 x 14 cm

stationary version of MediaID

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